to that time i started writing a wizarding world/spn crossover but no one was interested because the main character was my oc. if anyones curious…

Intro -

Being an outcast in the muggle world is easy enough to cope with. All you have to do is ignore people, maybe act a little ruder than necessary and most of them leave you alone. Most muggles are ignorant; they don’t often notice if you act a little strange because they don’t often notice anything. Trust me when I say I’ve had some serious fun being an outcast in the muggle world.

But to be an outcast in the wizarding world is not a nice experience. To be an outcast in the one place you thought you could always call your home is even worse.

News travels fast when the village you live in is small and the people are many. Also, to make matters worse, Witches and wizards have extraordinary ways of getting you to tell the truth, whether you openly say it or not. They can delve into your mind with a simple spell and uncover a whole mass of information that you, under no circumstances, wanted to share. Some wizards are ruthless and harsh; they will do whatever they can to get what they want. And those are the wizards who always get what they want.

Chapter One – I Get Knocked Down.

"You’d better get talkin’ girl." The thick cockney accent rings loudly in my ears. I’m tied to a chair and this strange man has his wand pushed harshly against my neck and I can smell alcohol, pungent and stale.
"And why would I want to do that? Because I won’t like you when you’re angry?" My reply obviously didn’t amuse him. He grabs my neck tightly in his calloused hand and, with the other, forces the old, wooden wand harder against my tortured skin. 
"Would stop calling me ‘girl’! My mother gave me a name and it’s there to be used." 

We are in some old pub, abandoned by the look and the smell of it. I’m not entirely sure how I got here. The last thing I remember is walking down behind the potions shop and being feeling a sharp pain on the back of my head. 

It’s dark, damp and cold in here. Decaying furniture stands covered in blankets of dust. The windows are broken; they’re letting in the bitter wind that’s whistling and calling out through the room. The floorboards are littered with footprints; some freshly made by my charming captor and some hidden from visitors long ago. The small man is growling in my ear, interrupting me from my evaluation of the room. I think I’m starting to annoy him. He moves around to stand in front of me and I get my first look at him. He’s not a pleasant sight. He’s short, round, greasy, smelly, middle-aged and scruffy. His eyes are severely dark from what looked to be a constant lack of sleep. His movements are strong but becoming sluggish. His voice is that of a street ruffian; gruff and poorly spoken.
The Chair I’m bound to is badly damaged. The rope tied around my wrists and my ankles is shockingly done and I know I can break free from it with a strong enough force. But the rope around my waist is tight and digs into my ribs whenever I breathe. It is uncomfortable but I know I can put up with it a bit longer. All I need to do is wait for him to take a few steps back and I can spring free and be done with him.
The man straightens up, scratches his upper lip, fidgeting, and looking all a panic. 
"Tell me everyfin’ about that night in the old man’s house and I can let you walk, Vicky. You have to tell me. Or you and me are both going to be in a lot of trouble.” His face has gotten very close to mine now and he’s staring right into my eyes. The extreme sense of urgency in his voice lets me know that he’s not only in a hurry, but he’s terrified all the same. “Just tell me!” He shouts when I don’t answer him.
“What makes you think I would ever tell you what happened that night? And I don’t know if you’ve realised already or not pally, but I’m already in a hell of a lot of trouble as it is. So, as far as you’re concerned, nothing happened that night. Now, let me leave and go run off and tell your big nasty boss that you failed in your mission. I’m not saying anything. It’s between me and the old man.”
“You really don’t get it, do you? That old man is my boss’ oldest friend. You screwed him up and by doing that you’ve screwed us all up. You have to tell me or I’ll just drag you to him myself.” More frustrated than anything now, he looks at his wand and then back to me. 
“If you’re trying to scare the truth out of me you’re going to get nowhere. I won’t tell you anything even if you hit me with a cruciatus curse. Now do excuse me, I’ve got somewhere else to be.” Before he had the chance to retaliate I had my hands free. The confused look he’s covered in is good enough to frame. I shake my legs free quickly. He’s rushing towards me now, but a kick to the ribs is enough to stop any man. I look down at him and his bruised body as I snatch my wand from my boot and whisper ‘diffindo’, freeing myself from the ropes around my waist. I could almost feel sorry for the guy. But then again, he did kidnap me and try to take me to his leader. As I sand up, so does he, his wand grasped tightly in his hand and pointing towards my face. But I don’t know who he’s trying to kid because he knows better than anyone that he can’t do anything now. 
"Avada Kedavra, you pathetic little man." I took his wand from him as he fell to the floor, dead, with a heavy thud. I can’t help but laugh. The poor guy actually hoped he would get something from me. He clearly hadn’t listened enough to the rumours going around about me.

Now it’s time for me to get out of here before anyone else finds me. Jumping over the man’s body, I head for the door, but I find another little surprise.

I opened the door and got an unexpected greeting, four familiar looking men were stood there looking smug and all pointing their wands at me. I see what’s going on now; a man hunt. I’m wanted. Here we go again. “Hello boys. Let’s have some fun shall we?” They all started moving towards me, glowering at my cheerful greeting. I held my wand in the direction of the closest man and yelled, “Stupefy!” The man fell to the floor, unconscious. The youngest looking of the three men left looked surprised, I gave him a little wink and ran back into the pubs main room. The remaining three proceeded to follow me inside and I needed to shake them off. “Petrificus Totalus!” Again, with a simple raise of my wand the young man went completely stiff and fell forward, face first on the floor. “Two down, two to go. Who’s next then?” Both men left standing looked at each other and then began to cautiously approach me, wands raised. “Levicorpus,” I said with hardly any enthusiasm at all and the two men barely had time to assess the situation before they were hanging upside down above the ground. They had both dropped their wands on the floor in the process, rendering them both useless. “You idiots are all the same. You never learn.” I looked at the men with the smallest sense of sympathy, tilting my head slightly and pouting at them. They are a bunch of ignorant cowards. Oh well, it was time to leave this place for good now. “Stupefy.” They fell forcefully to the floor and lay with the other two group members, powerless.

“Goodbye boys.” I sighed as I walked back through them and out of the door. Walking down the dishevelled pathway and heading down the empty road I knew I needed to find somewhere discreet - somewhere vacant. I needed to disappear. I needed to apparate out of here. I kept walking for a few more minutes until I found a small, overgrown path and followed it to the end where it came to a wide and open crossroad - this would do. But where did I want to go? Somewhere new this time, somewhere I wouldn’t be found. I knew exactly the place, so as soon as I had my mind focused on it, I was gone.

Goodbye Wizards. Hello Muggles.

Chapter 2 – Hello Handsome

Apparating is not the nicest of experiences, even for someone who is used to it. It makes your insides feel like they’ve been all mixed up and twisted and like they might spew out of you if they could, it makes your head spin and it feels like every part of you is being grasped so tightly that you could be crushed into tiny pieces.

It may not have been pleasant, but at least I was away now. I was somewhere completely new. I’d seen this place in a picture a few years ago, in a book about America and out of all the lovely places it showed, for some reason this one seemed like the best place to start. But I hadn’t really thought it through. I had no supplies, no idea which direction was which and not really any idea where I was at all. All I knew was that it looked exactly like the picture.

Chapter 2.

I like apparating. I really do. But when you end up in the middle of an empty road, it can be problematic. Especially when you are in a whole different country and have no idea where you are.

It seemed to be the afternoon here. I knew I had come to the right country. But in the middle of nowhere. I was stood in the middle of a wide and empty road, so I decided to follow it. I had to find something or someone along the way.

I began walking down the broad, grey, concrete road. The weather was nothing spectacular here. It was cloudy, a little bit breezy, but fairly warm. The road was bordered with an endless crowd of tall, overlooking trees. Looking into the crowd I could see nothing but darkness behind the first few rows, like the woodland was hiding itself from passers by. Like it had a secret. Every now and again I would pass an empty lay-by, abandoned and littered. There were no signs of human life anywhere. The road was starting to feel like it would go on forever, I wondered if i’d come to the right place at all.

Time felt slow. My feet felt heavy. I was starting to feel colder. I had been walking for what felt like hours but im sure it couldn’t have been that long. But this unfamiliar place was exhausting.

I was starting to get a little thirsty. Time for a fancy trick, they always cheer me up. I cupped my hands, smiled to myself and said, ‘Aguamenti’. My hands filled with water, I drank it all up quickly and recited the spell again. After I had finished this handful I gave my arms a shake and waited for them to dry off. The comfort of the small touch of magic made me feel ready again.

Getting ready to start off and walk again I hear the deep rumble of an engine. I look up and just as I do so, an old black American car comes speeding towards me. Slamming the breaks on, the driver stopped the car before it hit me. Not that it would have had the chance.

I stood up straight and looked towards the car. Both doors opened and out stepped two men.

One of then was tall, broad, had long hair and wore a concerned expression. The other was almost the opposite. Shorter physique, shorter hair, and an annoyed look on his face. Both, clad in denim and plaid, now stood in front of the car.

The taller of the two walked towards first ;
"Hey, are you alright?"

"Well, I was fine before. Now, I’m even better." I winked at him and he looked a bit surprised.

"Look lady-" The shorter one began..

"Whoah, hold up. Don’t you go calling me ‘lady’. The last man who did that, ended up dead." I started to raise my hand in front of him before realizing he wouldn’t understand this gesture. So I hid my wand in my back pocket for the moment.

"Uhh, okay then. Whatever your name is, what were you doing in the middle of the road, anyway?" He looked a bit impatient.

"Well, lets just say, I’m a long way from home and I have no idea where I am. I presumed my accent would of given that way." I was trying to sound smart, but was finding it hard to keep the smile from my face. As rude as this guy was being, he was a good looker. "Oh, and for future reference, my name is Vicky. Nice to meet you." I held out my hand in hope that one of the two would take it.

"Uh, I’m Sam, this is my brother Dean. He isn’t always this rude." The taller one, Sam, took my hand and told me.

"Well, its nice to meet you both." Sam gave me a half smile, and Dean just looked in a different direction. "So then Dean, what’s got your undies in a knot?"

"What makes you think that’s any of your beeswax?" He looked at me quickly then over at Sam.

"Well, you did almost run me over, you could give me a little something in return." I walked towards him, but he just gave me a dirty look.

"Ignore Dean, he just hasn’t slept in a few nights. So, Vicky, what exactly are you doing here, if you have no idea where here is?" He stepped back slightly and sat on the bonnet of the car.

"Oh, well honey, I don’t think you would believe me even if I told you." Laughing to myself, these muggles wouldn’t understand a thing.

"Try us. We’ve seen some crazy stuff, met some crazy people. Nothing would surprise us." They shared a smig look between them.

“ I tell you what, hows about we swap some stories and then I’ll think about telling you. But you wont like it.” I went and sat next to him on the bonnet. Dean just turned to look at us, seeming to be a bit cranky. “Come along grumpy boy, you can join in. Let’s see who trumps who.”

"Sammy, can I talk to you for a minute?" Dean grabbed Sam by the arm and pulled him around to the back of the car, leaning in closer I can just about make out his voice. "Sam, should we really be trusting her? She’s either some nut house runaway or could be a demon.." He looked towards me quickly before turning back to his brother. I could of sworn he was checking me out. I watched intently, knowing it was putting him off. I vaguely heard Sam mention something about holy water and then dismiss the idea.

"Never mind, forget it." I heard Dean spit at Sam while throwing me another look. They both walked back towards me straight after.

"Well, who wants to start?" I asked keenly before they could.

"I’ll start, and I’ll start with Vampires." Sam looked at me smugly. I huffed in return. If he thought Vampires were impressive he had another thing coming.

"Oh, nice start. Well, I’ll take your Vampires and raise you Boggarts." I gave him a playful smile and waited for his reaction. No matter what they came up with they would never beat me being a Wizard.

"Wait, boggarts? As in the things that hide in your closet?" I was slightly chocked he knew what they were but not enough to stop.

"The very things. Everywhere. But they’re easy things to get rid of when you know how." Sam gave an almost surprised laugh, he was kind of impressed. Good.

"Okay, my turn." Dean chirped up a little. "Ghost’s."

"Ha! Where I come from, we had Ghost’s roaming the schools giving history lessons and pranking the students. We even had one called ‘Nearly Headless Nick’. But nice try." Sam & Dean looked at me with almost shocked expressions. They’re clearly had their fair share of ghosts.

"Dude, where’d you come from?" Dean asked. There was a trace of a smile on his face.

"I’m sure you will find out later. But lets carry on with this game. I’m enjoying it already. Next on my list, Mountain Trolls. They are the dumbest creatures, but would squash you flat with a swing of their clubs. Mind you, a bunch of first years knocked one out years ago. Brilliant. Although they did get detention for it…"

The look of amusement on the Brothers faces would have made a brilliant picture. I knew that one would get a good reaction.

This went on for a while. Back and forth between us talking about Rugaru. Pixies. Dementors. Skin walkers. Basilisk. Hell Hounds. Vengeful Spirits. Werewolves, Centaurs and Fairies.

Then we got to the big stuff.

"I have to say guys, we seem to be pretty even, but, have you ever seen Dragons. And I mean proper, medieval style, dragons. I’ve seen loads." I felt smug bringing that one up but looked down at the scars on my arm, remembering the pain. "Those Norwegian Ridgebacks know how to leave a mark." The brothers looked at me almost concerned, then clearly remembered something as they looked at each other again.

"We have met some Dragons, but no, they weren’t exactly the medieval type. But, have you ever met Demons. We’ve met the king of hell, and let me tell you, he ain’t what you’d expect." Dean looked amused for a second before looking entirely fed up of the idea of that king.

"Well, you know what, that is a fair point. I wont lie about being impressed with that one. How about, the Dark Lord. He who shall not be named. Used to drink Unicorn blood. He got killed by the 17 year old hero he was after since the kid was a baby. Nasty fellow he was, not to mention ugly. He didn’t even have a nose." Knowing they had no idea about Lord Voldemort was strange. Made me realise just how far from my world I really was.

"Well, we have the one to beat all of yours then. Angels. Ruthless, and not as kind as most people believe. They can kill any creature with the touch of their hand, and we are lucky enough to have one as a friend. Maybe you’ll meet him one day." Sam said as he looked at Dean. They both had a smile on as they turned back to me, arms folded. They obviously didn’t think I could beat them.

“Okay, you pretty much beat me with the most of it. But honestly, I think I trump it all, just by being me.” i smirked a little and waited for the question.

"So spit it out. Who, or what exactly, are you?" Dean waited in anticipation for the Answer.

"I’m a Wizard."


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